Top 5 Crowd-Free Mardi Gras Eateries

 Thousands of people flock to New Orleans every year for Mardi Gras weekend – filling all of our favorite restaurants with long lines and drunk tourists. It leaves the locals (and hungry visitors) looking for spots off the beaten path to feed their empty bellies. Here’s a list of 5 of the best places to go for great food, low prices, and no crowds -or at least minimal wait time. 

French Quarter : Dreamy Weenies

People make some bad decisions during Mardi Gras, but don’t let yourself succumb to your Lucky Dog desires. I know they smell good compared to the Bourbon Street sludge, but trust me – they’re not. Instead, walk 3 blocks from bourbon to Dreamy Weenies on Rampart and St. Ann. Dreamy Weenies  are not your average “street meat.” They are 7 inch, quarter-pound ‘dogs’ – served on fresh-baked buns and dressed with house-made New Orleans inspired toppings. They also offer halal, kosher, and vegan hotdogs – like I said, way better than a Lucky Dog. 

Dreamy Weenies
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Marigny: Ruben’s Taco Truck at Cafe Negril

After a long day of drinking, sometimes all you want to do is stuff your face with a massive burrito. Now you can while dancing to amazing live music, thanks to the geniuses at Cafe Negril. . They serve every mexican dish you’d expect to find at a traditional restaurant, along with New Orleans inspired favorites like “Mexican Shrimp and Grits.” Everything is under $10 and it’s made right in front of you as soon as you order it. It can be difficult to wade through the crowd to get to the food counter, but it’s well worth a little elbow action. Definitely the place to go for a late night snack (or feast) in the Marigny. 

Ruben's Taco Truck

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Uptown: Danny’s #2 Seafood

This place is a complete dive, but their wings are phenomenal. Literally the best hot wings in town. Plus, they have a ton of stuff on their menu including delicious catfish po boys, spicy korean tacos, and boiled turkey necks (which are amazing). Though there is bullet proof glass, this shady spot is actually located on Magazine and Valence – a really great neighborhood just off the parade route. There’s rarely a line, but it does take a good 15 minutes for them to make your food so order ahead by calling (504) 899-4665. 

Danny's Seafood

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CBD: Warehouse Grille

Though it opened almost a year ago, Warehouse Grille is still the new kid on the block in the CBD – but you’d never guess it from their fantastic food and quality service. It’s way cheaper than the other restaurants in the area, and it will likely be a lot less crowded than the more established eateries in the CBD. I recommend the “Warehouse Oysters,” they’re some of my favorite fried oysters in town.

Fried Oysters

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Garden District: Louisiana Discount Market

If you’re among the hundreds of people that post up on St. Charles and Louisiana I have some very good news for you… you don’t have to eat McDonald’s or Rally’s any longer. Behold –  Louisiana Discount Market, the only place you should go for po boys during Mardi Gras.  This corner store will be hopin’ during Mardi Gras festivities, but the line moves fast and the food is worth the wait. Get your po boy “on french” if your hungry, or get a “loaf” if you’re in the mood to feed yourself, a friend, and a hungry family of 5. 

New Orleans Po Boys There are also tons of great spots in Mid City, Metairie, Lakeview, etc… But these are the places to go to if you’re watching the parades on St. Charles or spending your Mardi Gras in the Quarter. 


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